Cuddles Clothing for Kids

for ages newborn to 18

Our Story


I'm Amy Johnson, founder of Cuddles Clothing for Kids.

I know, from first-hand experience, that many people have a very hard time making ends meet.  After escaping from an abusive marriage with my six boys and nothing but the shirts on our backs, I learned to ask for and accept help.

Thanks to the generosity of my church and friends, and my tenacity, resourcefulness and good old-fashioned stubbornness, I made sure we were all safe and had a place to live.

Like many families in Canada, we used foodbanks and other community services during the worst times; but eventually, I was able to move forward, complete my undergraduate degree and came here to attend Law School at the University of Windsor.

So, how was the idea for Cuddles Clothing for Kids born?  One of my Law professors is on the board of the Downtown Mission.  I had discussed with him how, while living in Cambridge, I had been donating my children's clothing to the Self-Help foodbank in that city, and that I wanted to do something similar to help the Downtown Mission.

Imagine my surprise, when he told me the Downtown Mission doesn't take children's clothing!  And after doing some further research, I discovered there were no organizations in the city that would take children's clothing for distribution to needy families at no charge.

After discussions with St. Mark's Church, they graciously decided to donate TWO rooms (one for sorting and the other for distribution).  And, with the help of a handful of volunteers, Cuddles Clothing for Kids became a reality.

In August 2021, Cuddles Clothing for Kids moved to Our Lady of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church.

Here's what we offer