Cuddles Clothing for Kids

for ages newborn to 18

Our Services

It's quite simple, really.

If you can't afford to buy clothing for your children, you can get them here at no charge. And when your children outgrow their clothes, maybe you'll consider donating them back to us so we can help some other families.

Request Clothing

If you have children's clothing you no longer need, or know of someone who has children's clothing they no longer need, why not contact us. You can drop them at our distribution centre, or arrange for us to pick them up. Either way, you'll be doing a good deed for your community by helping those who are less fortunate.

Although we don't charge for any of the services we provide, and have no paid staff, we still wouldn't say no to a financial contribution to help us acquire more clothing and infrastructure (like hangars, clothing racks, etc.). If you'd like to help, we'll gladly accept your donation.

Finally, if you don't have clothing to donate, or have a budget for a cash donation, maybe you can help us with items we could desperately use.

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